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Budget Buster!- Purchase any DEM or Contours and get 20% off Vintage Orthophoto!

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Budget Buster! Save 20% On Vintage Orthophoto Imagery!

Time to start breaking the bank! Maximize that budget you have leftover with this incredible deal from First Base Solutions. 

From February 1st to March 31st 2017, If you purchase a 1 meter contours or DEM data on MapWarehouse, you will receive an additional 20% off any vintage orthophoto (2015 and below) imagery!

This is your chance to act now if you want to combine DEM or Contours with orthophoto imagery for a more complete and detailed view of your area of interest!

Contact us at info@firstbasesolutions.com to get your promo code now!

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ORM Groundwater

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The Oak Ridges Moraine is composed of 200 metres of unconsolidated glacial deposits over bedrock.

The CAMC has developed digital models of geological and hydrogeological subsurface layers across the ORM and it’s drainage areas across the Golden Horseshoe.

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Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Coverage Map

Available Data Coverage

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Who’s It For?

Layer depth, thickness, and composition at various points allows CAMC geoscientists to interpolate a 3D strata model which can be used to interpret geological variability at different sites.

Policymakers benefit from info about groundwater flow direction, recharge and discharge rates and hydraulic conductivity at different layers to pinpoint vulnerable areas and potential sites for higher capacity wells.

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