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Saving, surfing, or streaming? Access aerial imagery and geospatial data through our three web based services.

The mapping catalogue is always expanding with new aerial imagery collections and data from our valued partners.

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Why buy DEM or contour mapping if you need a survey anyway? One’s not better than the other, they both have their place in the project life cycle…

Three Options


Online Store
Locate your area of interest on a map and search for data covering that area. Add items to your cart, enter a credit card, then download the files. Save the data locally to use in your CAD or GIS based project.
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Web Mapping Service
Your team’s annual subscription serves an aerial image base layer and contour elevations directly into your CAD or GIS software. No large files to download or store.
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Online Application
Your annual subscription allows unlimited access through a web browser to view the same data as found on MapWarehouse and more, plus easy to use built-in tools to analyze, plan, and communicate spatial information.
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First Base Solutions Quick Tips: Choosing A Mapping Service

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