Light Detection and Ranging or LiDAR is a powerful remote sensing technology, capable of capturing the surroundings in three dimensions at data acquisition rates of 1 million points per second.

LiDAR affords precise, accurate, and dense information about the shape and location of any subject. The point cloud can then be used to create digital elevation models depicting all ground features, or the bare earth.

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Search for data, select files covering your location, download your order, and work with aerial imagery and geographic data. Use the interactive map to locate your area of interest and purchase multiple data sets easily and quickly with a credit card.
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Contour Mapping With Sub-Meter Intervals
First Base Solutions will produce complex, precise custom mapping of your site such as ground feature delineation and 3D terrain modeling based on our aerial photo. A great option for sites needing highly detailed terrain, or where the land use has recently changed.
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