Contour mapping connects points of equal elevation to highlight changes in elevation, slope, and aspect.

DEM (Digital Elevation Models) contain grids of spot heights with break lines along terrain impacting features such as ridges, valleys, road edges, and waterways.

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Ontario’s Largest Geospatial Data Marketplace
Search for data, select files covering your location, download your order, and work with aerial imagery and geographic data. Use the interactive map to locate your area of interest and purchase multiple data sets easily and quickly with a credit card.
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Access Every Place From One Place
View geographic data, query the map for more information, measure ground features you see in the imagery, and report on your research using this feature-packed online mapping application. Compare imagery year by year and research land information from anywhere.
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Unlimited Access To Ontario’s Largest Web Mapping Service
Connect to a high resolution aerial imagery mosaic base layer and elevation contours served directly to your CAD or GIS workstation, just as you would connect to data stored locally. Bandwidth based pricing allows your team to use MapCast as little or as much as you need.
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  Custom Order

Contour Mapping With Sub-Meter Intervals
First Base Solutions will produce complex, precise custom mapping of your site such as ground feature delineation and 3D terrain modeling based on our aerial photo. A great option for sites needing highly detailed terrain, or where the land use has recently changed.
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Who’s It For?

First Base Solutions produces 1m contour elevations from our orthophoto, commonly used in practical engineering applications. We can also source worldwide coverage provided by DigitalGlobe.

Predict the flow of surface water, air movement, acoustic modeling, sightline analysis, volumetric calculations, and show depth on a flat image when used together with orthophoto.

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Elevation data from FBS is usually sold as either DEM with spot heights and break lines, or, as 1m interval contour lines derived from those DEM, but, we have a few other products you might not know about…

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