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Vivid, large format colour prints for golf course design, legal exhibits, commercial property marketing, and more.

Have us compile a custom map combining your data with ours. Add logos, label special features, add any data you choose.

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Data Options

   Downtown Toronto Laminated Wall Map

Our newest print on demand product offering! Downtown Toronto featuring 1:5,000 scale current aerial imagery with indexed street labels. Laminated finish lets you take notes with Post-its or dry erase markers.
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   Ontario Base Maps

OBM, or “topos” are a province-wide series of general-purpose topographic maps providing an excellent reference map for navigation in rural and backwoods regions. Have one printed on demand.


Imagery ranging from 2002-current covering Southern Ontario. Aerial imagery is a great contextual base layer to build your custom mapping over.

   Teranet Parcel Mapping

Add a layer of property boundary mapping over our imagery. Label parcels with PIN (Property Identification Number), ARN (Assessment Roll Number) or descriptions you provide.
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Elevation contours in 1m intervals across the Golden Horseshoe produced by FBS, and coverage of all Ontario in 5m and 10m intervals.
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In Depth


  • Impressive Full Colour, Large Format Prints
  • Photo Paper, Regular Bond, Clear Film, Gator Board, or Any Media you Request
  • Printed Maps Include Titles, Scale, North Arrow, Road Labels, Photo Details, Print Date, Our Logo and Other Data or Labels You Provide
  • FBS Can Arrange for Printing at Any Size on a Variety of Specialty Media and Laminating Options


  • Fast Turnaround for Pre-Set Layouts (OBM‘s, Downtown Toronto Aerial Photo Wall Map)
  • We Compile Custom Layouts of Our Photo at Any Size and Map Scale You Choose
  • Add Property Boundaries, Contour Lines, Logos, Points of Interest, or Any CAD or GIS Vector Data You Provide on Top of Our Photo
  • Delivered Promptly to Your Home or Business

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