Image Acquisition


First Base Solutions owns and operates seven Cessna aircraft equipped with high resolution cameras ready to capture aerial imagery across North America and the Caribbean.

FBS offers value added post production services including orthorectification, colour balancing, mosaicking, stereo models, and custom feature extraction.

In Depth


  • Error Free, Precise Geo-Location Images
  • Radiometric Clarity Up to 3cm Per Pixel
  • Free From Cloud, Haze, and Pollution
  • Natural Colour or Colour Infrared
  • Stereo Imagery Capabilities for Elevation Models
  • Excellent Data Security
  • Delivered in Ready-to-Use Condition – No Further Processing Required


  • Extremely Up-To-Date
  • Pay for Only the Coverage you Want – Area or Corridor
  • Avoid Hazards and Costs of Field Visits in Remote Areas
  • Combine with Vector Mapping and Surveying Services
  • You Choose the Image Resolution Needed for your Project

Blog: Custom Aerial Image Acquisition

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