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Testimonial: Our Customers Speak

FBS customers Michelle Tremblay and Steve Usher talk about how our MapWarehouse and VuMAP products have helped them save money and work more efficiently…

First Base Solutions

Blog: Top Three Questions About Parcel Mapping

How to choose the right kind, what you’ll get, and how to get it cheaper. Parcel data is one of our biggest sellers, so naturally we get a lot of questions about it. Keep the handy chart below as a reference or check our FAQ’s…


Our Online Mapping Application


VuMAP Sell Sheet


Blog: Seven Ways To Waste Time and Lose Jobs

Always dive in blindly without locating property boundaries, easements, utilities, or areas available for temporary work spaces on the street. Never use maps to plan the stages of your project, verify locations, or communicate the plan with your crew…


Our Web Mapping Service


MapCast Sell Sheet


Blog: MapCast – Imagery On Demand

Access all of First Base Solutions’ aerial imagery and elevation contours served directly into your desktop CAD or GIS software with MapCast…


Blog: Three Ways To Use Spatial Data For Development

Get the best possible results from your development site with the help of aerial imagery, topographic models, and other spatial data. Use the insights you gain from our high resolution orthophoto to ease communication with stakeholders and support critical decisions…

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