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Vintage Imagery Now With Vintage Pricing

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Price drop across the board

First Base Solutions is pleased to announce that effective immediately, non-current orthophoto (aerial imagery) will be offered at a reduced price through MapWarehouse. Sales and marketing manager, Adam Sampson, declares, “This is huge. It’s not a sale or a promotion, it’s a long term price drop across the board.”

Discounted imagery will be marked in red in the selection drawer.

The majority of rural areas in Ontario don’t experience major changes to landscape features between image acquisition years, which means the older imagery continues to be acceptable for many purposes.

“We recognize that our customers are budget conscious just like everyone else, so we wanted to offer a product that would fit the bill for those who don’t need the most up to date imagery in areas with little year over year change, but still want to work with the benefit of a high quality photo base layer,” explains Sampson.

Tutorial: How to select data through MapWarehouse

Not all areas are flown on an annual basis. The newest imagery available in any area, current calendar year or slightly older, will remain at regular price. If you don’t need the most recent imagery, take advantage of the new price reductions for vintage orthophoto collections on MapWarehouse dating back to 2000.

*Some conditions may apply

However, if there is something specific you’d like to see updated on MapWarehouse, please provide your feedback here.

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