Custom Mapping


First Base Solutions will produce complex, precise custom mapping of your site such as ground feature delineation and 3D terrain modeling based on our aerial photo.

FBS also provides geometry retrofitting, data massage, format conversion, datum translation and reprojection services for your legacy spatial data.

In Depth


  • Detailed Topographic Mapping at Contour Intervals Up To 1/2m
  • Photo Control Points for Superior Locational Accuracy
  • Vertical accuracy 2x the photo resolution
  • Deliverable in Any CAD or GIS Vector Format
  • Includes the Features of Interest to You – Roads, Drainage, Buildings, Anything You Choose
  • Fast Delivery Where Photo Resources Already Exist
  • Upgrade Your Existing Datasets, or Have FBS Establish a Land Information System to Organize Mapping Resources


  • Timely Access to Information Critical to Making Decisions
  • Risk Mitigation – No Need to Expose Field Crews to Unknown Hazards
  • Considerable Cost and Time Savings Over Traditional Map Production Methods
  • Reliable and Up-to-Date – We Handle Your Aerial Image Acquisition
  • Digitize Your Legacy Map Collections for Use with Modern Mapping Software
  • Integrates With Existing and Future Mapping Data Sets

Blog: All About Custom Mapping & Terrain Models

Custom photogrammetric mapping is a specialized service offered by First Base Solutions where the ground features you’re most interested in can be delineated from aerial photos and delivered in your choice of GIS or CAD formats…