Public Safety


Respond to crisis events prepared with detailed information about conditions at the site.

Efficiently collaborate efforts and communicate real-time updates with mobile responders, stakeholders and the public.

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Use Cases


Improved Preparation

  • Compare Current and Historical Conditions
  • Vulnerable Area Assessments
  • Forecasting and Reporting
  • Cross Jurisdictional Communication

Improved Communications

  • Collaboration Between Multiple Agencies
  • Real Time Communication and Information
  • Accurate Fleet, Field Team Deployment
  • Efficient Emergency Response

Improved Response

  • Informed, Coordinated Decisions
  • Track Mobile Assets in Real Time
  • Ongoing Surveillance
  • Mitigate Loss of Life and Property

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Custom Solutions

Get a fully comprehensive solution that:

  • Improves Pre-Planning and Preparation Measures
  • Provides a Common Platform to Accurately Communicate Real Time Updates to all Responders
  • Improves Response Times
  • Increases Public Awareness Before, During and After Events
  • Includes Real Time Monitoring to Communicate Responder Efforts

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