Let dispatchers see the location and availability of mobile staff on a map and keep track of assets in the field.

Optimize delivery routes as traffic conditions change, and make business decisions based on reliable, detailed, spatial data.

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Use Cases


Reduce Cost

  • Route Optimization and Proximity Analysis
  • Real Time Mobile Asset Tracking
  • Intelligent Scheduling, Routing and Dispatching
  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Enhanced Competitive Advantage

  • System-Wide Location Awareness Technologies (LATs) Integration
  • Fleet and Workforce Management
  • Reliable Enterprise Data Security
  • Exceed Delivery Time Targets

Improve Productivity

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Driver Accountability
  • Assortment and In-stock Position
  • Fuel Usage and Maintenance History Reports

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Custom Solutions

Get a fully comprehensive solution that:

  • Improves Team and Asset Tracking
  • Improves Route Optimization
  • Provides Traffic Updates in Real Time
  • Improves Supply Chain and Facilities Management
  • Streamlines Emergency Management
  • Improves Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

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