Wall Map


This print on demand large scale aerial photo wall map lets everyone see the big picture.

The laminated finish lets you make notes directly over the map with dry erase markers or Post-its.


  • Print size is 68.25″ x 42″
  • Over sized for maximum photo detail
  • Road text overlay at 5-6 pt font, the same as an average road map


  • Every street is labeled and indexed
  • Map scaled at 1:5,000
  • Aerial imagery from the most current calendar year


  • Laminated for use with dry erase markers
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Resists tearing and damage for high traffic areas

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How To Purchase

  Custom Order

Hard Copy Prints
Contact customer service to order our Downtown Toronto laminated aerial photo wall map on heavy bond or mounted on gatorboard. Have us customize the layout with your logo or business locations.
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Wall Map Coverage

Map Coverage

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Who’s It For?

Ideal for your lobby or board room, this wall map helps your team visualize, communicate, and plan.

The highly detailed imagery makes an impressive focal point for employees and visitors to your office alike.

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