Public Health


Manage large spatial data sets internally and share meaningful information with the public.

Analyze regional demographics with maps and imagery to plan capital projects and accurately forecast the future needs of the community.

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Use Cases


Managing Infectious Disease

  • Track Outbreak Progression Over Space and Time
  • Identify Hot Spots
  • Correlate Cases With Causative Environmental Factors
  • Direct Resources Where and When They’re Needed

Access to Services

  • Match Patients with Available Doctors
  • Communicate Clinic Locations and Hours with the Public
  • Share Clinical Research Results
  • Find Clinical Trials to Participate In


  • Long Term Infrastructure Project Planning
  • Forecast Demographics and Community Needs
  • Modernize Healthcare Record Keeping
  • Integrate with Social Media for Fundraising

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Custom Solutions

Get a fully comprehensive solution that:

  • Improves Resource Tracking and Monitoring
  • Improves Analysis and Reporting Accuracy
  • Improves Supply Chain and Facilities Management
  • Improves Analysis and Reporting Accuracy
  • Improves Operational Efficiency Through Quicker Analysis and Decision Making
  • Guides Smart Capital Investments
  • Reports on Successes to Apply for Government Programs
  • Enhances Information Sharing and Communication with the Public

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