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Who is VuMAP recommended for?

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Some of the top industries using VuMAP include:

Construction and Landscaping

  • Use VuMAP’s measurement tools to accurately find roof or pavement areas to estimate your material costs.
  • Communicate your work plan with images identifying where bins and machinery can be located on site.
  • Identify work site hazards and obstacles before the job begins.

Land Development

  • Perform non-intrusive environmental assessments.
  • Design to make the most of your site’s unique features.

Renewable Energy

  • Measure rooftop areas for solar panels and distances to grid tie ins.
  • See the context of the surrounding land use to identify the best potential locations.

Natural Resources Management

  • Accurately measure acreage of woodlots to estimate harvest yields.
  • Monitor year by year changes to land use patterns.
  • Research remote site conditions without the hassle of a ground survey.


  • Research PINs for every property in Ontario along with boundary mapping to visually identify dominant and servient parcels.
  • Compare current and historical imagery to objectively show past conditions at a property.
  • Measure distances and sight lines to reconstruct accident scenes.
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