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I thought I was getting a complete map but this file is just a bunch of lines. Where are the road labels and other features?

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Only elevation information is included, either as DEM or contour, depending on the file you’ve chosen. The road edges frequently appear as break lines in the DEM, giving the appearance of unlabeled roads. There are a few options to give context to to the surrounding area. You can take advantage of the georeferencing inherent in the elevation data file and use it with your own spatial data you’ve collected for your project as a background layer. If you don’t have your own data, the tile grid for elevation data coverage is the same as for orthophoto and Teranet parcel coverage. Users often purchase a few files of different data types for the same grid cell. The user can then use the orthophoto as a background layer and add elevation data on top, both files having identical geographical coverage. In this way, users can select data a la carte and pay for only the layers and coverage needed.

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