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How do I order hard copy prints of custom photo maps?

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FBS can produce large format custom printing of our digital data products. These printed maps typically include a large map portion with orthophoto, road labels and property lines, and a title block containing the title, scale, scale bar, north arrow, photo details, data source details and disclaimers, print date, our logo, and can include other data or labels you provide. We’ll provide a sample soft proof for you to review and make changes. Pricing is dependent on a combination of labour, print size, map content, number of copies and whether the print will be on photo paper or mounted on a board, and, depending on your specifications, if it can be printed in-house or must be sent out to a specialty printing company. For a custom quote, please contact customer service and provide details of the geographical coverage, print size, and type of features you’d like to see on your map.

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