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Can I preview the imagery to ensure there is no snow or cloud cover?

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Thick cloud cover expressed as a percent of the photo’s coverage area is available from DigitalGlobe for archived imagery. Seasonal snow pack coverage can be seen clearly in the preview, the probability of trace amounts of snow on the ground that aren’t obvious in the preview will be estimated by cross-referencing the image date and location against historical weather data. Our customer service team will preview the archived imagery available for your area of interest and choose the best options for you to select from.

For imagery captured on demand, imagery with snow cover can be rejected in regions where permanent snow packs are not typical if specified in advance, subject to seasonal norms. Customers must accept imagery containing cloud cover of 15% or less, with pricing options to accept only imagery meeting more stringent conditions.

Satellite imagery tiles purchased through MapWarehouse are unlikely to have snow coverage, but previewing the image you’ll receive is recommended. Here’s how.

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