Aerial Imagery and Orthophotography

From acquisition to fully orthorectified high resolution images deliverable in a variety of formats

First Base Solutions has invested heavily in technology to allow it to meet the growing demand for geospatial data. The most recent acquisition includes a Vexcel Ultracam Digital Mapping Camera and software to capture raw images, process them and deliver them to clients using automated image processing.

Panchromatic raw image (grey scale)

CIR colour infrared raw image

RBG colour raw image

Traditionally, aerial imagery was captured on film. But with the acquisition of the UltraCAM-D, First Base Solutions recognized the need for better image quality, better accuracy, faster turnaround and the higher sensitivity of digital imaging. Digital aerial image acquisition is very effective for high-resolution engineering work and photogrammetry and makes it possible to obtain resolution and pixel sizes as small as 3 centimeters.

Each raw image captured includes panchromatic (grey scale), RGB (colour) and CIR (colour infrared).

Orthorectified Imagery

Orthophoto maps are aerial images that First Base Solutions has rectified to make them positionally accurate. The effects of tilt and relief are removed from the aerial photograph by a mathematical process called rectification. An orthophoto is a uniform-scale image. Since an orthophoto has a uniform scale, it is possible to measure directly on it like other maps. The orthophotos are seamlessly joined together, regenerated and enhanced in terms of colour and contrast. An orthophoto may serve as a base map onto which other map information (vector) may be overlaid. This gives the user the positional accuracy of a map, plus the detailed visual information inherent in a photograph.

First Base Solutions provides clients with orthorectified images for the principal metropolitan areas in Canada and many smaller urban communities in Ontario. Our coverage areas are constantly expanding adding more imagery to our already extensive availability. The maps are divided into tiles and provided in a variety of formats including MrSID, ECW and JPEG. All of our aerial imagery is available for purchase online in our MapWarehouse. Alternately, do not hesitate to contact us for larger or custom orders.

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